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Co-ordinating an Office Move

28 April 2016

Arranging an office removal can be tiring and stressful as anyone can imagine, so you need the right type of information and guidance to be able to make this transitory period smooth and safe to keep your mental sanity and also your health, in the best shape. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to make this process simpler for you, and here is a list filled with incredible tips that will help you make the most of this challenging period for you:

1)    Location. Finding a good location for your new office is absolutely crucial and this is where most people make their biggest mistake. Never mind the fancy interior or the fact it has perfect coffee making machine pods, or the sinks are…you get the picture. In finding a new premise for an office, think simple and practical. People aren’t coming there to award you for World’s best office of Interior Design, they are coming to do business with you and your staff are coming to work there. Whilst it is nice to have a beautiful office for people to marvel at, what is most important is that people feel comfortable being in your space.

2)    Finding a removal company. Don’t leave finding one to the last minute. Every office move is different and yours is unique too. You have things like rates, the amount and size of furniture as well as displacing all of it into the new premises, to consider and think about and the last thing you want to be doing is rushing trying to find one at the very last minute that will end up costing you extra money and your sanity to boot! If you are moving a number of office into a new building, it is worthwhile your time and money to see if they give you any form of discount or bulk pricing for assigning them so much work. A lot of law and consulting firms use this process and end up with a good and fair price to their move, which in turn makes it go very smoothly.

3)    Clearing everything up. Removal companies in London often require you to have cleaned up a large amount of the office, which will make your move and their picking up of all your furniture and belongings, a much easier job. Simple things like paper work can really clog up your move, hoarding around things that can be easily storing using cloud computing online, reducing your carbon footprint as well as having all of it available to simultaneous people are some of the advantage, instead of lugging paper around that takes up so much space.

4)    Your game plan. So many people underestimate the necessity of one and yet when your office removals company shows up, you do not want them confused on where to be putting your belongings in the new place. They could mistakenly put a heavy piece of furniture in front of something very important such as a phone/power socket and moving it, is simply extra cost and lost time. Make sure every room in the office, is carefully planned for to see which filing cabinet goes in which corner as well as which desk needs to sit where. It is already stressful enough trying to keep calm under moving, you do not want a misplaced set of chairs in a stack somewhere so high, you cannot even reach them.

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