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Essential Changes To Make When Moving Office To Richmond

29Jul 2015

There’s a lot of important factors to consider when it comes to office removals and relocation to Richmond. Which moving companies will you consider? How will you transfer and set up your IT? Will you hire movers to deal with your old furniture or buy a completely new set? These are just some of the main factors that should be high on your moving checklist, long before the actual date of the move to TW9. A lot of changes that come with a company’s relocation can impact the business’s online precense, which must be meticulously monitored and maintained if you want your venture to be a continued success. Whether you serve customers from your site, or ship out orders to them, they should always be able to find you in a literal sense, and having outdated information about your business’s location can be detrimental to how it ranks on search engines. Here are a few things that businesses should, and yet frequently do not do when moving their head office.

The first and most important thing to do is to change your business’s address online, and perhaps announce the move to TW10 well in advance of the actual date. This is a pretty obvious tip, but sounds a lot more straightforward for a lot of business owners than it actually is. Your company probably has dozens of online citations scattered across the web, many of which you might not even be aware of. Google and Bing have constantly active monitoring programs crawling the web, which look to your address to place your website higher or lower in their search rankings. This shows how a change in address will not only have to be available to your existing customers, but also search engine crawlers, which help you reach out to new business in Richmond.

You’ll probably have to set some time aside to go through your online references as thoroughly as possible, making sure to change the information of each one, and getting better exposure for anything that informs people of the change in location to Richmond, TW9. If you don’t have a full list of your online citations, you’ll usually be able to draw one up simply by searching for your current address. Most of these sites will include instructions as to how to change your contact information, and if not, you can always contact the higher-ups at the site yourself.

It may seem logical and more convenient to keep your office’s old phone number after relocation. While this is true in a lot of cases, if you’re setting up in a new area code keeping the old number might have a negative impact on your search rankings. On the other hand, if you’ve already got a new number, but you’re moving to a place in the same telephone area, see if you can forward calls from the old number to the new, in order to keep up consistency with business listings and customers who simply missed the memo.

Another significant point that seems to fall to the bottom of the moving checklist with a lot of business owners is remembering to change all of your company’s marketing materials to coincide with the new address. All of your advertising material currently in circulation, whether it be in print, online or digital, needs to be changed. It’s important not to be too sweeping with this when it comes to categorising your marketing material. Remember to include any YouTube videos, rich media or digital brochures, and vehicles that may have your company logo printed on the side.

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