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How To Make A Party Out Of A Home Move To Brixton

16Jul 2015

If you are a fun loving person then you are probably no stranger to making any situation an entertaining one. Getting help from your friends for a big move to Brixton can be really useful, and if you have great friends then they will probably be keen to help out. Here is some advice on how to keep them helping and thank them for their work. Moving home or office to the SW9 area can get a bit frantic and stressful, so stop the stresses from ever beginning.

- Have a packing party and a moving party. Packing can be just a tedious as the actually move itself so it’s a good idea to rope your friends in from that very point. If you get boxes set up and clearly labelled with a permanent marker then your friends can just get to filling them. To help things along smoothly create an area with packing materials such as bubble wrap or sheets, colour labels and anything else you might need. The different stations will help you all to work as a team and pack things safely and securely. Obviously provide a food and drink station for your helpers to refresh and refuel.

- Get the music pumping, atmosphere going to get everyone in the mood. This is a great way to catch up and be useful at the same time. Discus plans for your new home in Brixton, SW2 and get any ideas that your friends might have, make a human chain when shifting your stuff. When it comes to a relocation then it’s all about many hands. Friends can really help save you money on expensive removals in London.

- Be safe. Moving house is a big job and you want to make sure no one is lifting in the wrong way. You could maybe play some safe lifting tutorials over the internet before you get started and make sure no one tries to lift anything they can’t without asking for help, like a heavy wardrobe or bed; it’s not worth the injury especially when there is enough of you to help.

- Choose a day to make your plan of action. So you friends have agreed to help. You have your moving day set out and are pretty much packed up and ready to go. Make sure you get together a moving checklist and organise everything for the day. Research and decide on which removal company you are going to go with. Or if you are hiring a removal van, work out who your designated driver is and make sure you have a clearly mapped out route in SW9.

- Get the part started. There is nothing like getting the motivation going than to promise everyone a good party as soon as you move in. So reward them highly as long as they have made you be ruthless with your clear out and helped a lot with the move to Brixton. Friends are the best people to really ensure that all that clutter is gone and help you out with selling any of your stuff, so make sure you get some of them in from the very beginning of your packing.

There is no reason why you can’t make any situation fun in life, even if you only manage to rope in one friend to help then it is better than nothing. As long as you stay calm and all try to find some enjoyment, then stress should never even raise its ugly head. Make sure you always offer to return the favour when it comes to your friends move and you will be an expert by then.

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