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Moving House to Marylebone? Some Points to Consider

12May 2015

Moving houses can be very exciting and at the same time confusing. There are many things to plan and consider; leaving the planning for the last minute can jeopardise things for you. Here are some important points to keep in mind while planning a relocation to Marylebone.

Planning: Before you start packing, it is best to decide on which items you can throw away and which ones you want to keep. It is better to de-clutter and then start packing only the things you would need in your new house in the W1 area. After all, you don’t want to clutter your new home! This would tone down the burden of carrying a huge amount of stuff. There might be other things in your house that you may not use frequently, but are important nonetheless. You can pack those up well in advance to avoid too much work during the actual move.

Hire a Moving Company: Seeking help from a home removal company can simplify the task for you. If you are planning for the removal to Marylebone, NW1, it would be a nice idea to organize it in the summer season when weather conditions are a lot more suited for the house moving process. Also, since summers are the peak season for moving, you will have to book the relocation firm well in advance.

Important Details: If you have kids at home, it would be a wise idea to slowly get them comfortable with the idea of moving so that they would have an idea before the big move to W1. Also, updating your friends and family about your relocation will be helpful in the least and could also be a huge support to carry the boxes if you decide to just hire a moving van. It is a prerequisite to properly check the fuse box, light fittings and water supplies in your new house so that you know where exactly to find everything when you settle down. You should check the meter at your current house and pay any bills that are due before you move to your new home so that they don’t over charge you after you move. You will also have to discuss the floor plans with the movers so that they can organise the goods in the right place. If you own any pets, then this would be the right time to move them to a boarding facility till the time you have moved to the new house so that they can be well taken care of. An ‘Essentials’ box is a must while moving into the new house. This box should contain the things that you would need before the entire house has been unpacked.

Update: Informing the local authorities regarding your move is very important. Banks need to be updated with your new address in Marylebone and same goes for the council so that you can be enrolled in the new electoral list. You would also need to apply for parking permits for your vehicle at your new location and notify the licensing authorities about your updated address. Also, finding out about schools for your kids in the new locality will help you get settled into your new life as soon as possible. Redirecting your subscription and mailing services to your new place is another detail that needs to be taken care of.

Once all these details have been taken care of, you can carry on with packing and moving without worry. If you can stretch your budget then the removal company will also handle the packing, unpacking and re-organising of goods. Wish you luck with your new place.

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