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Protecting Your Possessions During a House Move to Clapham

13Mar 2015

With so much involved in preparing to move home to Clapham, it’s reasonable to see how some things could get overlooked. There’s a lot to remember when relocating, such as transferring phone and internet services, arranging for transport, financial obligations, maintaining and fulfilling a removals checklist, planning the layout of your new place and, most importantly, ensuring the safety of your possessions. In the rush to get into a new place, the importance of proper packing supplies is easy to disregard. This guide seeks to spotlight why taking just a little care in determining your packaging materials can be such a boon to potential movers. Cutting effort and time from an already difficult process could be all you need to settle in as early as possible, and here is a list of pointers to protect your things well in advance:

•    Make a Checklist
As previously mentioned, drawing up a checklist of what’s coming with you is key to moving along the packaging process. If your things are hobbled together at short notice, there’s definitely going to be very little chance of packing and storing them properly for transit. Oftentimes movers in the SW11 area may think old cardboard boxes or plastic containers will suffice. These usually don’t have the structural strength to withhold the potential items they’ll be enclosing, and are more flimsy than might be thought. By ticking off exactly what you have to move, and organising it before the packing stage, you’ll be more aware of the specifications of your things and what they may need to remain secure on the journey. It could be helpful to arrange different possessions into categories. Once you have your list of what you’re bringing, this can be a useful document in collaborating with experts in Clapham, SW4 on your needs.

•    Materials and Supplies
Even worse than relying on old boxes and unreliable plastic, is in packaging fragile property in bags or otherwise unsafe containers. Consider what valuable items could benefit from the use of bubble wrap or other protective precautions. Spending a little extra cash on the right supplies can save a lot more in the long run. Delicate but costly things like electrical appliances, ornaments or antiques can sometimes be priceless or far too expensive to replace. Go that extra mile in ensuring their safety and not only can your home feel complete from day one, but you can guarantee everything arrives intact and ready to use.

•    Plan the Best Route and Vehicle
If trying to move everything alone in your personal vehicle, the chances are that multiple trips will have to be made – this can be highly unnecessary and detrimental for many reasons. Cars are usually not as up to the task as a reinforced and specifically designed van or similar vehicle. Tackling this stage sensibly can not only further assure your property’s protection, but cut a lot of time that could be easily better spent. Have you also looked into the routes you’ll be taking to transport your things? It’s possible that some areas of access could provide difficulties in unloading. Consider how certain routes in the SW11 could further risk your possessions – such as badly maintained roads.

•    Professional Help
Usually the best way to collect and solve all of your packing and transport problems is in contracting professional help in Clapham. Dedicated removals companies exist who can provide everything you need to ensure a safe relocation. With symbiotic ties to the packaging industry, they will advise you on (and provide) all the packing supplies you need. Their vehicles are designed to your requirements, and it comes highly recommended you discuss their options for man and van hire. This way, each outlined hurdle on the way to completely protecting your property can be overcome with expert opinion.

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