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Removals in Islington - Three Top Tips To Help Keep Everything Safe!

30Apr 2015

Moving home in Islington carries a certain amount of risk for your valuables. It's just the simple matter of it; if you want to move fragile objects over a short, medium or long distance, there's a chance they'll bump into things and get broken or lost. Don't worry too much tough, because there are ways you can mitigate this risk by staying prepared. Here are three examples of what you can do to keep your valuables safe on your N1 based removal.

Number 1: Make an inventory
A removal plan is something that you should be making anyway, but an inventory is highly recommended too, especially if you're going to be moving many valuables, furniture and maybe even antiques. An inventory is a moving checklist, so you can keep track of where your valuables are, and in what boxes they're packed in.

How will making an inventory help you? Well, it's simple; you can make sure you've got everything before you leave, and when it's time to load, unload and unpack, you'll know exactly where everything is. By using this system, nothing will get lost or left behind!

Number 2: Pack and load everything up securely
All you need to do to do the packing well is to get some good quality materials, and use common sense when doing it. Don't just put fragile objects into boxes with heavy objects in them, for example. Simply pack goods that come from similar rooms or have similar functions together, so when it's time to unpack you'll be able to find everything easy. And don't overload boxes either – even sturdy moving boxes have their limits, so don't tempt fate by exceeding them.

The right way to pack secure objects is to use plenty of bubble wrap to protect them from knocks. Wrap them up separately in two or three layers of the stuff, and put packing peanuts / paper into the box too. This'll limit the amount of space there is to move about and bump into things.

After all of the packing's done, it's time to load up the removal van and, once again, common sense is all that's needed. Check that all of the elastic / rope that you'll be using to secure everything is of good quality, and double check your work before setting off. This is the most important check to do with regards to your valuables' safety, so don't forget it.

Number 3: Keep some of it nearby
The smaller, more treasured trinkets should stay by your side, as long as they're not too fragile. If you'd rather not pack them away, simply wrap them up and put them in your personal travel bag, or your wallet/purse if they're small enough. This is good to keep your mind at ease, which is very important when you're moving home.

So there you are, three ways to keep your valuables safe on your N1 or NW1 based relocation. Moving house can be a stressful time, but it doesn't have to be as long as you take precautions. Having to move precious objects from one place to another is unavoidable on a move, but just be aware there are things you can do to mitigate the risk. And, as long as you hire a responsible, local removal company in Islington, you can shrink the risk even further. Keep all of your options in mind, and everything will turn out fine!

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