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Renting in Chiswick With A Pet

30Mar 2015

Renting a home in Chiswick with a pet in tow can be surprisingly difficult. Many estate agents won’t even consider a potential tenant if they come with furry extras, so it is important to be prepared when you begin your hunt, long before you start your home removal. Whether you have a cat, dog, rodent or fish, its best to honest with your landlord so as to avoid any later disputes that can be upsetting and cause issues.

1.    Allow more time. Finding a pet friendly home in Chiswick, W4 will be that much harder, so make sure you don’t begin your hunt at the last minute. Allowing plenty of time means you can still choose the perfect place without having to stay with friends or family, which could add more stress to you and your pet. Plus, you can take your time with viewings and won’t find yourself rushing into something that might not be quite right. Furthermore, you can organize a moving checklist in advance and organize hiring the right removal company to help you out with the moving process.

2.    Choose unfurnished. If you can afford the extra cost of furniture or already have furniture of your own then you will be more likely to find a place that will accept pets that is unfurnished. Although that will require that you organize the furniture removal as well, landlords often worry that dogs and cats may chew or scratch sofas or wooden tables, so if that property belongs to you it will take the stress off the landlord.

3.    Find the right estate agent. Some agencies flatly refuse any pets, while others are dedicated only to tenants with pets. Always call first and ask what their policy is before going ahead with any viewings and explain exactly what you have so that they can add it to your property requirements. You can also try to go privately so you can chat directly with the owner.

4.    If you have a small dog, bring it along to the viewings with you. Landlords will be more willing to accept the dog if they can see its size and that it’s quiet and well behaved. Providing that it is!

5.    Always check before you see an apartment that it allows dogs. You don’t want to see something you really like, only to be disappointed later. Let the estate agent know you won’t consider viewing anything that may not accept your pet.

6.    Check contracts, make sure the no pet clause has been changed and if going through an agent try to get a written note from the landlord saying that your pet is okay to live there. Often when renting you are given a standard contract and it will have a no pet clause in it. Get this changed before signing so that it can’t be used against you later. Make sure you walk through with the estate agents when doing the inventory so that they can’t blame any existing damage on your pet.

7.    Offer to pay a Pet deposit. If you can afford it, then offer to put down a pet deposit, they may be more inclined to take your pet if you show that you can cover the cost of any damage. This is reassuring to many landlords as they then have the extra money should anything go wrong.

8.    Make sure your pet feels at home. Only leave your pet for short amounts of time after the house move so that they get used to being home alone in a new place slowly. You don’t want them to get anxious and chew or scratch walls or furniture in your new home in Chiswick. Take steps to make them feel at home, put a mat or towel under any food/water bowels and keep fur at bay by investing in a handheld hover. The landlord will be happy seeing this if they ever have to visit.

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