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Waste Collection Rubbish Removals House Clearance
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Waste Collection Rubbish Removals House Clearance
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Big Man is a well established rubbish removal company that has been operating for more than ten years now. It offers both domestic and commercial waste removal services to people. When it comes to domestic rubbish removals we understand just how much work requires to be done before the actual waste removal takes place. And this is where we step in to assist you with all your problems by offering a solid solution that covers all those areas that can be left in the hands of professionals while you take care of the rest. Once you have reached to a decision regarding when you want to get rid of once and for all, you can simply call us at Call Now! and inquire about  the prices of our rubbish removal services. The best thing about our company is that we always offer completely personalized and tailored service packages to each customer. We recognize your individual needs and dignify them by allowing you to choose all the particular services you want or don’t want and hence come up with a quote or price for your rubbish removal package that is matched to your needs and budget.

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Most people nowadays don’t have the time and energy to plan and organize a rubbish removal by themselves. If you find yourself in a similar situation, just give us a call and we will have an expert at your place in no time. He will then have a quick look at everything you want cleared up and the tasks that require tending and will give you an estimate immediately on the price you will have to pay and the manpower that you need to have a stress-free junk clearance. We ensure that the rubbish removal package you purchase is revolved exactly around your particular needs and exactly matches your requirements. It will also give you complete peace of mind knowing that you have a package that is customized as per your needs. It will give you more peace of mind and will take a lot of stress off your shoulders.


We ensure the best service is delivered to our customers by being with them each step of the way. Starting from helping you get an estimate on the tasks that should be done and the price that will incur, from carefully planning the rubbish removal process, collecting it and finally disposing of it in the most eco-friendly manner. We have trained specialists that are efficient and quick in clearing up your property at even the shortest notice given. The trust you place in our dedicated staff means the world to us and pushes us to work harder to offer the best service possible. We want to take away all your stress and pressure and help you save your precious time by taking care of as much as you want us to.


Every team we dispatch to aid you is highly trained and ready to tackle any situation. You no longer have to stress about every little thing that can go wrong during the rubbish removal, because we’ll plan everything for you. Leave the worrying and the heavy lifting to us and sit back and enjoy your free time.  To inquire further about our service or to book it now, simply dial Call Now!.

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Our Testimonials

R. Dutton 2023/07/18
Their rubbish removal team arrived quickly and got the job done without any fuss. It's what people want when booking such services.
T. Inglis 2023/07/15
I used them for rubbish removal. It was a genuinely good service. I don't normally post reviews. This company deserves it.
Alan F 2023/07/05
I didn't really know how to handle rubbish removal. I knew I couldn't chuck it all in with the general trash and have the council collect it unless I paid extra. I ended up doing some research and went with the cheaper, easier alternative.
R. Brooks 2023/07/01
I thought the labour costs of the rubbish removal job alone would be astronomical. I was impressed with the low price and the way they handled things on the day.

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