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Waste Collection Rubbish Removals House Clearance
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Finding a good house clearance company can always be a tedious task in London. But the safest way to find a reliable one is through word of mouth. That is how most customers of Big Man come to us. Our past and current customers always spread the word around when they enjoy a beyond satisfactory house clearance service from us and when they talk to their friends about us, the word spreads around bringing in more customers. When choosing which waste removal company to hire there are some things you should always look out for. The main thing is the cost of the company. Are they charging a flat rate or are they charging on an hourly rate? Hourly rates tend to cheat customers into prolonging the work and making it seem more tedious than it really is. Prolonging working hours will delay your task while making the overall service more expensive for you. This is why we have always stuck to charging a flat rate from our customers based on the service they avail and not the number of hours that go into doing that work.

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Another important point to keep in consideration, when looking for a good house clearance company, is the work ethic and experience they posses. No matter how friendly and helpful  they may seem – experience, knowledge and an impeccable work ethics. Our staff members posses all of the above and strive to fulfill all of your requirements. Our crew members are the only thing you’ll love about us. The house clearance services we provide in London can be tailored to your specific requirements and busy schedule so, your everyday life and the house clearance process won’t interfere and you won’t be put in a position where you have to choose which one is more important to you.

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Finally having a house clearance company that also eco-friendly disposal  service is the best option. Especially if you are redecorating your abode and need all of the old furniture and appliances gone. All these delicate and heavy items will require professional assistance when being cleared up and disposed of. This is where our house clearance company comes in and saves the day. We’ve been working in the waste disposal business for many years and by now know the ropes to a successful house clearance.


Hiring our company to lend you a hand with your house clearance will be the best decision you can make regarding your waste clearance. Not only are our prices extremely affordable and our services of the highest quality but the waste clearance process will be organized with your schedule and specific requirements in mind. Why go through all the trouble and stress when you can simply dial Call Now! and get a waste-free property without having to lift a finger.


Just call us and let us know the service you are interested in.

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Our Testimonials

Lionel D. 2023/07/23
I had a big house clearance project on my hands. I was thankful I could get them to do the job without having to hire a skip.
Elaine H. 2023/07/21
Their house clearance team were thorough in their approach. They went the extra mile to ensure my house was properly cleared. I appreciated their efforts.
Annie H. 2023/07/01
The house clearance help provided by this firm really was a real help. I'd have been stuck, in a right mess, if not for their professional help.
E. Watkins 2023/06/04
I booked them for a house clearance job. Due to everything that needed to be taken away and the labour involved, I thought it'd cost an awful lot. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the quote and was thrilled to bits when they stuck to it.

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