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Waste Collection Rubbish Removals House Clearance
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Waste Collection Rubbish Removals House Clearance
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If you want to clear up any waste from your property, why not hire some professionals to give you a hand with it. Big Man is a leader in the industry of rubbish removals and has been helping thousands of people rid their properties of any and all waste. We understand that not everybody have time to conduct a thorough waste clearance or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle. But this is why we are offering our services so you can save your time and energy by hiring professionals like us and take a load off your shoulder. With our dedication and hard work we promise to deliver a quality service to you. We are proud of the name our company has built for itself over the years of hard work. We strive to offer the best for your money by delivering a quality service at a very affordable price.

London Removals Services

Here at our rubbish removal company we have been offering a wide range of services that you can choose from depending on your needs and budget.

For those people who are looking for a basic service within a small budget or even something on a bigger scale our company is the one to choose. Our services are perfect for people living throughout UK. If you don’t have the time and energy to plan, organize and conduct a full waste clearance our experts take over the whole process for you. We plan and organize everything according to your schedule and specifications and make sure everything goes smoothly. Whether you think that the task at hand is too big and difficult – fear not our experienced teams can handle anything.

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Man and Van Service

We try to tailor our services to both your requirements and busy schedule so you won’t have to worry about having to choose what is more important to you. We always keep ourselves updated on the latest techniques and trends in the waste clearance and strive to provide you with the best possible service. So if you are looking for any service like that, just let us know and we can help you rid your property of the clutter.  Contact our representatives on 020 8746 4394 and they will provide you with most affordable and suitable solution for your needs .For anyone living in UK we try to provide affordable and reliable rubbish removal services. This involves everything from a simple rubbish removal trough full house clearance to eco-friendly waste disposal– anything you can think of we can do it. With our help will not have to stress yourself about anything goring southand can immediately get on with your busy schedule.


It doesn't matter where in UK you're located - we have offices throughout the counrty and our teams are always ready to lend a helping hand. If you're looking to hire a team of professionals to help you with your rubbish removal - don't hesitate you're in the right place. We advise you to figure out the outlines of your potential rubbish clearance and contact our representatives as soon as possible so you can plan evertyhing step by step.We are people who sketch plans and work in a very organized manner. This is why we want to be given enough time to properly sort out everything for you. However if you notify us within a short period we can still assist you and offer you with the same quality of service. Our aim is to assist you and take all your troubles away so you can enjoy a stress free waste clearnce. Based on the information you give us we'll draw a detailed plan of the whole process.


Whether you want to get rid of your old and shabby looking furniture items so you can redecorate your property and replace them with newer and shinier versiones or you simply don't want to deal with the waste clearance process - Big Man is the one to call. We have been offering realiable, speedy, efficient and cost-effective services throughout the country fow quite some time now and know the secrets to a successful waste removal. We guarantee you won't be dissappointed with the results we deliver and you'll find everything we offer more than enough to fulfill your requirements.

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No matter what your requirements or budget constraints are, just give us a call and speak to one of our advisors about the service you are looking for.



Our Testimonials
Nico 31/08/2019
Best waste management service! Thanks, Big Man, for making lives better.
Sal 30/09/2019
Big Man waste collection company is my favourite. I called them, and we scheduled for a collection, and they never disappoint. They did a very good job.
Catherine 30/03/2020
The waste collection services offered by Big Man are cheap and effective. They are always punctual and never miss an appointment. Try them out!
Julie 29/04/2019
Big Man waste collection services are super affordable. Almost unbelievable
Pure 28/07/2019
I hired Big Man to move some heavy waste dumped at my doorway at my home. They showed up quickly, and they completed in no time. I appreciated that.
Eliza 24/11/2019
The removal service by Big Man yesterday was outstanding. Everything piece of trash was carefully placed in their trash trucks. They didn't leave any trace behind in my skip bin as most companies do. Thanks, Big Man. I appreciate. They are the best.
Judy 23/01/2020
After moving, I hired Big Man to help me out with builders' waste removal. They were quick to respond, and the removal was on point. Thanks a lot.
Gracie Pablo 20/03/2019
The removal services by Big Man are the best and cheap. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Salvador 19/10/2019
The best rubbish disposal service I ever received by Big Man. Very professional and thorough.
Samba 18/09/2019
Big Man quickly showed up at our estate to clear the mess caused by heavy storms experienced last night. We were all happy with their services.
Rankle 18/06/2019
I had a lot of bulky branches at my backyard; I wanted to remove them immediately. Big Man came through for me and did it a nice job. They know how to handle everything. Just mention it.
Tasha 17/01/2020
Since my first encounter, I have always recommended to them to anyone I know. They are competent and hard-working. You just got to love them. No customer ever came back with a negative comment about them.
Jackson 14/02/2020
Unlike my negative experience with other waste clearance companies, Big Man crew was really on point with the job, and it was done within no time. Yet they were very thorough. I recommend for sure.
Nancy 11/03/2020
The best junk removal company is Big Man. No one dares to catch up with their high-quality services combined with excellent customer services.
Love 10/08/2019
The best junk clearance service by Big Man. They charged me so affordably when I hired their services after renovating my home. They are awesome.
Pablo 09/04/2019
The movers from Big Man got to my place on time. The services were unbelievable. They cleared all the mess in minutes. Thank you so much. I recommend.
Son 08/09/2019
Big Man knows how to treat their clients. Very successful junk collection at our store. I highly recommended.
Nacho 04/02/2019
I recently hired Big Man for waste collection services at our office in London. What they did was impressive. I'd hire again.
Josh D. 02/03/2020
Very satisfied with Big Man. Will refer them time and time again to anyone in the area. Thank you for a great waste clearance job!
Dante 01/04/2020
Big Man is the best rubbish collection company. No doubt about that.